Finding Wedding DJ Prices Can Be Easier Than You Think!!

When it comes to finding wedding dj prices, you usually have to scour through listing after listing, blog after blog, post after post, but it's a real PAIN to do that! Why can't it just be as simple as using one calculator to do that? Well, actually, now it is!

Start With The Basics

Right now, the wedding dj prices setup is only on "Basic", but we will add more ability to do extras of your choice.

wedding dj prices button

Choose Your Budget

Everybody would love to have the budget to do the wedding of their dreams, but then there are those of us that are more practical. Select which budget you would be able to do that makes sense for your bottom line.

By the way, you notice the "DJ Reliability"? Yeah, we thought this would help with your decision as well. I know sometimes you can't afford an amazing DJ, but you also take the risk of getting a flaky DJ who takes your deposit and doesn't show up! So, it's to keep you informed.

Select the Phases For Enetertainment Needs

Now, your wedding dj prices can be summarized in three parts: Ceremony, Cocktail/Dinner Hour, and Reception. These prices will vary depending on your budget and where you desire to have the music. Usually, the reception is the most expensive because of the equipment needed and preparation time, followed by the ceremony costs and then the "buffer" period of the cocktail/dinner hour.

Check Your Price Range

Once you've picked your budget and selected the times you want the entertainment, you can then hit the "Price Range" button to find out what your range of wedding dj prices will fall into. You can also unselect any of those three choices to see how the price will change.

Try The Wedding DJ Prices Calculator NOW!

It's pretty straight-forward, but I guarantee it will help you to get a better idea of what the real cost of a DJ is according to your budget!

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